Keep your tyres legal

Good quality tyres are a must when running a day to day car on the road.

Tyres with tread lower than 1.6mm are illegal and will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT test. Check your tyre tread before the MOT test. Damaged tyres can also cause a fail, look out for any cuts, lumps, bulges or exposed cords.

Tyre size and structure

All tyres must be the correct size for your vehicle and tyres fitted on the same axle must be the same structure.

If the treads are worn, the tyres are actively dangerous, which is why there's a legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

  • How to avoid a tread wear MOT fail. ...
  • Tyre sidewall in excellent condition.
  • Tyre sidewall with a visible nick in the rubber.
  • Tyre sidewall showing dangerous bulging.


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